Thursday, June 18, 2009

"...Lord, if thou wilt..." Mt 8:2

Is the Lord hindered by any power? Can anything stop him from performing that which he desires to see accomplished? Is there anything that he created that can withstand him, when his will is to be done? All the answers to these questions would certainly be an emphatic no. We are not engaged in some kind of tug of war between the forces of God, and the forces of the world and Satan. Let us remember at all times that he who created, also retains the power to control. When all things seem to be going awry, and it seems all hope is lost, we must remember that though the situation is out of our hands it is never out of his. This leper realized that the Lord was the only one who was able to give any kind of comfort to his dying body, and soul; so he made the right move. He did not go to try and get better on his own. Nor did he seek help from anybody else who was in his same case; but rather he sought at first opportunity to the Lord for his help. There is little we can do for our own selves, and not much more that anybody else can do for us, but we can always seek at once the Saviour and find him to be a help no matter what we face. This leper sought the Lord in the prescribed fashion, as he is pleased with and requires; that is in faith. There was no question as to whether or not the Lord could cleanse him, but rather would he be so kind as to be willing to cleanse him? Any honest person, when viewing the debauchery of their life, when seeking the Lord would be wise to make their request in the same fashion; " If thou wilt". What an amazing question the grace of God places within the mind; not a question of power, but of will, and as Fanny Crosby put it:
The vilest offender who truly believes
That moment from Jesus a pardon receives
Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord
Today he is willing.

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