Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"The name of the Lord is a stong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe." Pro 18:10

There is no safer place for us than under the protection, full faith and credit of the King of Heaven himself. Oh the thought that just his name is sufficient to make demons flee. His name is enough to summon the support of all the angels that do his bidding. His name alone holds the power to shake the foundations of heaven and earth. His name is enough to turn the impossible into done. What a wonderful name it is... Jesus. There is no other name that speaks comfort to the heart of the grieving, as does this name. There is no other name so universally recognized as a name of peace. His name is sufficient to calm fears, settle disputes, cure anxieties, and a myriad of other woes we face on this earth. It is so sad that while the name of Jesus does and can do all these things, it is also the most universally hated names as well. Every day it seems as if the devil finds another new way to blaspheme the wonderful name by which we are called. His munitions would attempt to destroy all credibility associated with the name of Christ, but we may be sure that his attempts will fail at length. Let us, who are chosen of God in salvation, find all comfort in the lovely name of Jesus. Let us run into the strong tower as soon as the sleep is gone from our eyes, and be found in the fight against all spiritual wickedness within the safety of this strong tower. We need this strong tower, for we never want to meet the devil on his own turf. Let us rise above the fray and fight. With how great the name of Jesus is, let us pause to reflect upon Ps 138:2 "... thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name."

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