Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"...Surely I come quickly..." Rev. 22:20

We often times ponder the coming of our Lord, and we think of it as something in the future. We never read in scripture of his coming as being at some distant time, it is always spoken of as being imminent. We realize this but we rarely practise it. The days have been fulfilled, of which the Bible speaks of as being perilous times, we have seen evil men and seducers wax worse and worse. We can certainly see that these days cannot be much different than the days of Noah, where they were eating and drinking, and marrying, and giving in marriage until the flood came and swept them all away. Men today have left the God of heaven out of every conceivable aspect of their lives. God was kicked out of home long ago, and replaced with the television, computer, radio, and other vanities such as these. God was kicked out of the schools long ago, and his fear was replaced with the fear of everything else. God was kicked out of our personal lives when we got those careers that require more time than we have, so that we cannot meditate on God alone. God was kicked out of Churches, and replaced with programs to suit each one of the unregenerate congregations personal fancies. Certainly he is coming quickly. This is our hope, that the Lord will return and fix all this mess that man has monkeyed with, and got all monkeyed up. I used to go into an abandoned house when we first got married, and on the wall there hung a picture with the clouds parting, and it simply said "Perhaps Today". What a great reminder that is; "Perhaps".

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