Saturday, July 25, 2009

"... he himself knew what he would do." Jn 6:6

Have you ever come to a place in your life where you did not know what to do, which way to turn, or where to go? Certainly we all have. We will, from time to time come to these dilemmas in life. At such times as these faith must take over, and know that even though we don't know, he does. The disciples had come to this such place in our text, and were faced with problems too big for them to handle. The crowd was too great fro the resources they had, and they did not know if the town even had enough for them to go and buy, so they might all eat a little. It is at these times, when our Lord knows already what he is going to do; so we must flee to him, and ask him for his will, for his provision, for his guidance. These times, as frightening as they may be, are some of the most blessed times in our Christian pilgrimage. Had the disciples not been placed in this situation they never would have seen this mighty display of Gods power through his anointed, the Lord Jesus. Had they not been in this situation they would have never had their faith confirmed in such a grand manner as this. Here they stood, in the place of either showing through as true servants of the Living God, or as being counterfeits. They did not depend upon themselves in this situation, but on the Lord. The disciples were not aware of his plan, that he already had, but he was. When we find ourselves in a place as this, we can rise up on wings of faith, and believe that the God who formed the universe not only knows about tomorrow, but also knows what he will do. The Lord does not make hasty decisions, he has everything planned; so let us trust his leading knowing that "he himself (knows) what he (will) do.

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  1. well said brother. The Lord is aware of each and every situation, in control of them, and sometimes when we find ourselves asking why? we can rest assured it is not by accident and The Lord is up to something.