Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"...for his word was with power." Lk. 4:32

What awesome power is found in the words of Christ! The words that fell from the lips of the lowly Galilean were never words of eloquence so great that only a mastermind could understand what was being said. Contrariwise he used plain, everyday words to convey his message of salvation, so that the simpletons and even little children could perceive what he meant. How amazing, and sad it is; that the wise and prudent tried to look into what he was saying rather than simply accepting it, they seemed oblivious to his teaching. Today the same is so true, many people cannot get a grasp on the Gospel message; not due to a lack of education on their part, nor due to a lack of clarity on the Preachers part, but simply for the fact they won't accept the power of the message. The Pharisees were a very religious and highly educated people, but would not receive the power that came in the message of God, therefore they "erred". No matter the level of intelligence, the Gospel is ample to save, simple to understand, while yet being powerful enough to confound. What gave Jesus power in his words more than any other person in his day? Certainly humanly speaking the religious crowd had far more and better education, and would be more qualified to teach the people. What Jesus had though was a correct interpretation of what was already implanted in the hearts of the people, and found in the scpirtures. Today we need not have a high degree, or be trained by the finest of educators; what we need is some good old fashioned Bible without all the other frills attached. Common people have always responded well to plain Bible teaching and preaching, religious folks have always bucked at the authority of God and therefore have never liked Bible teaching. Make it you goal to never buck at the word of God, because he who speaks it is speaking as Jesus with "power".

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