Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Neither will I hide my face any more from them..." Eze. 39:29

What a most glorious thought this is to think about, dear Christian friend; that God will no longer hide his face from us. A grand sentence from the lips of our divine King, to remind us of just how far his grace is carried forth. Today we live in the world as strangers and pilgrims, weary and worn we often attempt to look for the face of our King but alas it is hidden from us. It is not due to a lack of compassion or grace on our Lords part, but due to the presence of sin on ours that his face is at times hidden from us. He has said that his hand is not shortened nor his ear heavy but due to our sins he has separated from us(Isa 59:1). We can be certain that the lack of Gods presence in our lives is solely due to our infirmities, and not his lack of mercies, which are new every morning. Dear friend this is why a constant state of wariness of sin is so vital. We must watch for sin, as the deer in the woods watches for the predator, as it will destroy our bodies and damn our souls. Our God has never yet blessed sin, so we must remove it. Also if we are to see the face of God we must have a righteousness far more superior than our filthy rags, and be found in him. Just as Moses when he made his ambitious request must have been placed in the cleft of the Rock, so must we. For it is only from thence that we shall see his glory. Truly Christ is the Chief and Cornerstone that we must stand on throughout our entire pilgrimage here. How is it today, would Christ truly be pleased with you, if not, why not now claim 1 John 1:9 and then draw nigh to him(Jas 4:8). God desires for you to have the grand privilege of his face shining on you will you then fulfil his joy?

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