Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"... give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully."

Oh how we must at all times be so wary! If we do not watch and mark well all of our steps, we will so quickly bring reproach to that Holy name by which we have been saved. The adversary is waiting, and lurking at all places, hoping, yea trying to get us to slip. We must give him no occasion to speak reproachfully. Satan and his forces in this world are going to say many grievous and hurtful things about us and our Saviour, let us never let there be any truth to what he assaults us with. We probably all know how terrible it feels when one lies about us; but what is many times worse is when there is truth to what they say! How can we dodge those arrows that are hurled at us, no matter how mean spirited they may be, when they are are burning with the flames of truth. The devil is marking your steps; when you slip secretly, he will make an open show publicly about it. We have quite a job ahead of us to never give him an opportunity to speak the truth of our faults, but the good news is that he that is in you is still greater than he that is in the world.(1Jn.4:4) If God would ask us to do a task, no matter how big or how small, he will always give us the strength to perform it. We must carefully, and prayerfully seek Gods face and strength daily, to guide us, so that we never would give the adversary any occasion. If we are counted worthy to suffer reproach for the cause of Christ we can count ourselves happy and blessed, but if it be for our own faults how damnable a curse this is!

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