Monday, April 20, 2009

"...remember the Lord..." Neh 4:14

When the remnant of Israel began to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem they were met with opposition from the heathen who sought their destruction. Here, Nehemiah is trying to encourage them not to give in; the fight has begun, and it is time to dig in your heals and fight until total victory is proclaimed. The best source of encouragement we have in this world is at the remembrance of our Lord, dear Christian. We too have a fight on our hands, and it is not a fleshly one. We must be victorious, and never accept defeat from the enemy. The Lord is able to overcome any obstacle, or opposition that we will ever face, we must take heart and remember him. This has been the plea through the ages when the enemy has begun advancing his wicked forces, "remember the Lord". When we remember him it seems as though all the other problems around us begin to vanish into the the clouds, and there is nothing we cannot face if he is by our side. Alas though; we live so much of our time here in constant forgetfulness of all he has done for us. It seems that when the enemy attacks, all the days spent in the sunshine leave us and our memory is destroyed. It is at these times, even if we must force ourselves, we must "remember the Lord". There is no defeat on the Lords side of the battle, remember all the times he has taken you through the dark valleys, the dangerous woods, the lonely wildernesses; at these times while he walked with you, were these not the best times of your life? The Lord is able to handle all that you will face; so remember him today, and take courage and face whatever may come!

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