Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"And in the morning, then ye shall see the glory of the Lord..." Ex 16:7

What a wonderful time the morning is. This is the time when it seems as if all the creation is waking from it's season of rest, and giving it's thanks to the great Creator. This is when the birds are beginning to find their highest perches, and singing their loudest praises. This is the time when the flowers of the field are putting all of their energy into being the most colorful, and beautiful that they can be. This is the time when the sun comes racing forth in all of it's glory, and the rest of the sky joins in the act, and brings out all of it's brilliant hues that it can muster; all as if saying "thank you Lord for this another day". What a grand time for mankind to bask in the time of the morning, there can be no pride when we view the creation shooting forth it's great magnificence. This is a time when all we, as man can do is enjoy, for there is no power in us to change the face of the sky, there is no power in us to make the birds keep their silence, or the flowers hide their beauty. I truly pity the man who remains in bed so long as to miss this great display every morning. It is our grand privilege to see this great display daily. How great this promise in our text was, "in the morning, then ye shall see the glory of the Lord" if we had this promise we could face the darkest of nights, and be sure that all would soon be over, and we would be at peace and rest. We could endure the deepest of trials, the stormiest of weather, the most painful of affliction, for it is only for a short season. Friend,take heart; every word of God is profitable for us today, this verse stands as sure today as it ever did. We can always rest assured that whenever a night comes upon us; no matter what we may face through night the morning comes swift and sure; and truly in the morning we shall the glory of the Lord!

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