Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"...Deal courageously, and the Lord shall be with the good." 2Chron. 19:11

This is a statement we need to remember on a daily basis. We are going to face trials, heartaches, storms, problems,fears, doubts, whatever may come our way; and there are always two ways to handle any situation we will ever face; a right way, and a wrong way. Many times we will have something come up that it will be much easier; and cost us much less heartache, pain, or time to simply turn and run from our situation, but we may be here as Esther "for such a time as this". Often the circumstances we face are brought on by our own decisions, so at these times it would be cowardly, and possibly even immoral (certainly showing a lack of character) to try and evade these situations. There are other times though that due to no fault of our own, a trial will appear on hand for us, that we may sit in awe of it as did Job of his trial. No matter what the reason is behind what we face, whether it be of our own fault, or if it be just the providence of the Almighty bringing things to fruition, we must always remember deal courageously, and let the Lord sort things out. It will take courage to handle life in the way that God would have you to handle it, for at these times we are no longer walking by sight, but rather by faith. Not into the unknown, but rather into the unseen. This is a place the flesh does not like to go, our flesh likes to keep a clear line of sight wherever it chances to trod, but the Spirit is at rest when we are walking by faith. We need not cower and run from the storms of life, but " deal courageously", for " the Lord shall be with with the good."

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