Friday, May 1, 2009

"... then began men to call upon the name of the Lord." Gen 4:26

What a wonderful day this was, when of men, it was able be said that they called upon the name of the Lord. Often times we think that men long ago were the most pious, and religious there ever were; but we find this not to be so. Mankind had only been on the earth for a very short period of time when men had fallen away from their Creator. It would seem that while Adam was walking the earth himself, that, for the most part men would have acknowledged their Creator. But alas we find Cain to have quickly fallen out of presence, and fellowship with God. Whenever a person, no matter what their upbringing, is taken away from the presence of God it will certainly follow that they will very soon leave the his fellowship, and fall into whatever sinful vices, the naturally sinful state leads them. How soon we see that not only the sinful line of Cain had fallen from God, but also the Godly line of Adam had also been drawn away from his God. We look, and say "why would Adam have fallen away from God?" but we must remember that "the natural man receiveth not the things of God"(1 Cor 2:14). Our sinful nature cannot be tamed by the wisest of mens devices. We have been able to tame lions, tigers, whales, and all other sorts of wild beasts, but nobody has ever been able to tame the natural state within themselves that tends toward sin. How great the grace of God is though; even though we are not able to do better on our own, we can have; not the natural state tamed, but actually defeated by the blood of Christ. What a glorious thought that no matter how sinful, and rebellious we are, all we must do is call upon the name of the Lord. This was a day to be much celebrated, and remembered, for this was the day when men called on the name of the Lord; will it be so for you today?

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