Thursday, May 21, 2009

" I was almost in all evil in the midst of the congregation and assembly." Pro. 5:14

We must beware where we feel the safest; for often this is the devils most fertile soil. We tend to think that there is safety in numbers, but as we review scripture we find the opposite often to be true. Elijah we find protected while all alone in the midst of enemy territory, we see most all of the prophets had a lonely road to walk. Typically we will have to obtain the Kingdom all by ourselves, and have few or no familiar friends to enjoy the pilgrimage with us. Solomon realised, that when he felt the safest in the flesh; in the midst of the assembly, he was really in the most danger he could ever face. It is true that there looms many perils within congregations, and there is no protection guaranteed by God just because we are in a congregation, for " though hand join in hand, they shall not be unpunished." There are many places, and groups where we as people flee for protection, and feel as if we are somehow more safe. We must not think ourselves to be safe just because of any group we are a part of, for this is where all evil is found. We see today how many are joining hands on some sort of common ground, but their common ground is shifting sand, and soon they will fall. We must beware that we unite only so far as the word of God allows, and unite upon the similar beliefs of the word. We must never unite simply to be united; for we shall soon find that there is all evil lurking in the shadows of the assembly. There certainly is a time to unite, but just as certainly as this, there is also a time to "come out from among them". Let us be wary, that we be not ensnared in all evil, simply to be a part of an assembly.

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